Heartwarming Reunion Between Dog And Mom Returning From Afghanistan


It’s easy to see how much Molly the beautiful Golden Retriever has missed her Mom whilst she was away in Afghanistan. Molly dashes over for a cuddle at airport arrivals when she sees her, with her whimpers getting louder and louder and higher in pitch as she realises her Mom is back!

Molly’s shaggy tail wags back and forth in excitement as she licks her ‘Hello Mom!’ greeting before putting her front paws on knees for an extra close hug – it’s SO cute how much she loves her Mummy.

The constant squeaks seem to be Molly saying ‘I missed you, I missed you!’ over and over and it’s so cute seeing how happy she is, at one point sitting proudly in front of Mom with a big wide grin on her face. The ending of the video shows how easy it was to predict Molly’s adorable reaction to this homecoming!


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