This Heart Warming Advertisement From The Dogs Trust Will Have You Bawling Your Eyes Out

Dog Trust

As the largest dog welfare charity in the UK, Dogs Trust have their hands full with thousands of dogs looking for that ‘special someone’ to take them home from the shelter. In this advert, your heart strings will be tugged to breaking point, as you are shown a dog learning how to be a family pet – he just hasn’t found his family yet.

The lovely pooch only has a doll made up in the likeness of his perfect new owner. He learns to shake his hand, takes him in the shower with him and plays fetch, only the doll never responds.

Thankfully, this dog has a happy ending when he is sat in his pen gazing at his doll and the real live version walks in to take him home. So many dogs are looking for their special someone still – can you make a dog smile again? You can help Dogs Trust help their wards find their special someone by donating or even adopting a dog here.