Have You Ever Seen Such A Happy Dog As This Cute Pomeranian Puppy?


JUST LOOK AT THIS! This tiny little Pomeranian sure knows how to get her exercise in! What more do you need than your owner, a virtually empty room and a video camera to have the most fun ever?

She starts by having a bouncy run around in a circle before investigating* (*read that as licking) the camera. Then she runs to her clapping owner before getting distracted by the camera again and chasing after it. Keep your ear out for the funny little snuffling sounds she makes!

After a lot of running about, the puppy gets cuddles and love from her owners and then decides she hates the camera and tries to beat it up before seemingly tiring of the game and going to bed for a nap. The fun isn’t over quite yet though… watch to the end of the video to see what she does; it’s so funny!



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