Golden Retriever Puppy Milk Time Will Make You Cry Laughing

Lab puppies

Here’s a question for you: What’s round, yellow and white and very, very messy?

8 Golden Retriever pups at milk time, that’s what!

These adorable little puppies have decided that milk tastes so much better when you are standing in it, as they all wrestle to get in on the act at dinner time. Milk is poured into a bowl and the puppies try their hardest to get in a pinwheel so that they all get some, but as ever with puppies, the good intentions don’t quite come to fruition. Some of the puppies end up sitting in the bowl, others clamber over their siblings to get at the treat whilst still others are squished and pulled about by marauding milk chasers!

It’s hilarious to watch these puppies abandoning social niceties and going in to ‘every dog for himself’ mode! Of course, feeding the puppies in 2 bowls would have made much more sense (and much less mess) but we think this meal time is so funny we want to see it again!

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