Golden Retriever Puppies Growing Up Week By Week Is Totally Adorable

Image via Marcos Leal

12 weeks is a long time in the life of a puppy. There is lots of growing and learning to do and this video lets us watch the most adorable Golden Retriever puppies slowly learn how to be a dog.

Watch as they start out in week 1 as tiny, wrinkly, sleepy stretchy balls of cuteness, blindly sneezing and squeaking as they experience the world for the first time. Week 2 is time for cuddles with Mum and playing with siblings.

By week 5, you can see how handsome and pretty the pups will be, with their big black eyes and lush yellow coat. They get to play outside and explore a little more, as well as have some more snooze time! In week 7, they are at the ‘rascal’ stage of their development, the equivalent of the terrible twos! They scramble over each other and get up to mischief!

Finally, week 12, where our furry friends are confident, healthy and happy young things, fighting over mops, practising their barking and being rambunctious little cuddle monkeys!