Golden Retriever Is Army Vet’s Best Man At His Wedding


This heart-warming story will really lift your spirits! Justin served in the US Army in Afghanistan and was injured badly, suffering the loss of a leg and severe PTSD following an IED explosion. The Warrior Canine Connection stepped in following his return to the USA to help Justin deal with everyday tasks and emotionally support him. Gabe the Golden Retriever was matched with Justin and the pair became best friends, with Gabe even helping Justin to propose to his girlfriend Carol.

If that isn’t cute enough, keep reading…

Gabe was Justin’s Best Dog at his and Carol’s wedding ceremony! Gabe was groomed to perfection and acted as ring bearer on the big day! The photographs say it all and show just how important therapy dogs become to their partners outside of the ‘day job.’

What a great story and yay for Gabe, Justin and Carol!

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