German Shepherd Puppy Meteorologists For The Win


This bundle of German Shepherd cuteness is so adorable. The three pups have discovered a thermometer in the garden (don’t worry folks, it’s a non-mercury one!) and decide to have a go at giving a weather forecast. They are so intent on their task that they even have a little tussle over who will be the weather presenter.

Instead of the usual sweeping arms, wind speed predictions and swooping over maps that weather broadcasts usually have , their version involves nibbling, biting, chewing and thwacking the thermometer around to see what temperature it gets to. At one point, they decide the best way to make sure the thermometer says it will be a warm day is to heat it up themselves so they all pile on top of it!

Their beautiful white coats suggest they would be a real pain to find in the snow, so let’s hope its sunny skies for a few more hours yet!



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