German Shepherd is Outwitted By A Thieving Toddler!


Brano the German Shepherd and Ava the toddler are hysterical in this video. Ava seems to have developed a touch of kleptomania, displayed when she swipes Brano’s treat from right under his nose! Brano is perplexed, licking the carpet to see if it has magically melted before realising that naughty Ava has stolen it.

Brano is a wonderfully patient dog as Ava’s Dad tries unsuccessfully to get her to give it back – to no avail. Ava is a tease too as when she is told to return the snack, she gives her hand to Brano to sniff instead! The look on Ava’s face is priceless; there is NO WAY Brano is getting his treat back any time soon, even when Dad tries to trick her through distracting high fives. Brano is such a sweetie that even when he is told to retrieve the treat he just sits there waiting forlornly. Good dog!

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