German Shepherd Adopts An Opossum And It Is Boss Level Cute


People often say that dogs are man’s best friend. Well, Hantu the white German Shepherd seems to be singlehandedly trying to prove that dogs are EVERY species’ best friend. When Poncho the opossum was found on the roadside at only weeks old, it was clear he was going to need some help. His mother had been hit by a car and Poncho was extremely fragile. Following some veterinary care, he grew stronger, but he was still without a Mom.

Poncho was taken in by the Rare Species Fund, where Hantu already lived. This beautiful dog, who had no pups of her own, decided to step up and adopt Poncho. This video really tugs at your heartstrings as you watch them going for walks with Poncho clinging to Hantu’s fur as he gets bigger and stronger every day.

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