Gabble Of Puppies Prove Patience Is A Virtue


We think we have found the world’s most patient cat! Or is it the world’s most stubborn cat!? Most likely it’s a bit of both. What is for certain is those puppies are simply adorable!

Reggie the cat is happily sitting on the wall minding his own business when suddenly out of nowhere all hell breaks loose! 9 of the cutest puppies we have seen start jumping all over him trying to play and get his attention. Reggie however is just too stubborn and isn’t giving in!

The little cuties try everything from chewing his ears, nibbling on his tail and even a little chew on his whiskers. Reggie just isn’t going to play along!

We don’t know how he does it those little puppies are simply a joy to watch and we would do anything to have a little cuddle and play with them!

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