Funny Pug Demolishes A Banana


Who knew bananas were so TASTY? Happy the Pug certainly does!

He takes to his snack like a kid eating an ice cream sundae on a hot summer’s day in this video. Happy is already halfway through his treat when the video starts and you can see how quickly he chows down on it with his ferocious licking and, every so often, a dainty bite. Happy’s wrinkled face looks so cute as he remains focused on his task, ignoring distractions and aiming for his goal of annihilating the banana.

The gurgles and whimpering sounds Happy the Pug makes whilst chomping will make your heart melt; he is so obviously enjoying himself and he looks bereft when his owner takes the banana away from him for a few seconds.

His eyes light up when he gets another nibble and we are treated to more snuffling and a view of his tongue licking happily away. If Happy could talk, you know his first words would be ‘’I LOVE BANANAS!’’


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