Funny Goat Tries To Get A Dog’s Attention By Licking Him!


This is one of those videos where you make a whole scenario and backstory up in your head to try and make sense of what you are seeing; in this case, a goat repeatedly licking a distinctly unimpressed dog.

HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Is the dog a farmyard nightclub bouncer, and the goat has had one too many cocktails and is trying his luck at incensing security with drunken shenanigans? Are the dog and the goat at some sort of spa where your massages are performed by a goat tongue? Or how about a game of non-musical statues, where the dog is required to keep still no matter what the goat gets up to?

Whatever the reason, these two will have you smiling, that’s for sure. The goat gets more pushy, wild eyed and insistent whilst the dog remains stoic and calm, as if he is above all of the silliness. They are a very funny pair indeed!



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