Funny Cat Decides To Be More Like A Dog


Why be a cat when you can be more dog? O2 asks this question of us all in the advertisement, tracking a beautiful feline wondering about all the ways in which he can be more dog. As the ringing tones of ‘Flash’ start up, the cat begins to live life with a little more oomph, leaping through cat flaps, playing with balls, chasing his tail, ripping up newspapers and digging holes!

This funny video gets it spot on in showing how cats and dogs differ and it’s hysterical hearing the cat take on a more dog like attitude in contrast to his usual aloofness and disdain for everything! We also learn that Carpe Diem means grab the Frisbee as opposed to the traditional interpretation of ‘seize the day’ too!

Watch to the end to see him REALLY adopt a doggy style hanging out of a car window – hysterical!

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