Funny Bulldog Makes The Most Unlikely Of Friends


Manfred the English Bulldog knows that half his name is made up of ‘dog’ and the other half is made up of ‘bull’ and he seems to be investigating the reasons why here.

The chubby little cute monster sidles up on his tummy to a herd of bulls in a field, trying to suss out exactly what they are when they all convene on him and give him lots of licks hello! Manfred is very impressed by his swift acceptance into the herd and wriggles forward for even more wrinkly kisses. One of the cows appears to be trying to give him a full on snog at one point and then Manfred decides to start kissing back, bless his little paws! It’s evident that he has made a new ‘chum’ – of the friend kind, not the stuff that comes in tins, we hope…

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