French Bulldog Puppy Dreams Are Adorable!


Be still our beating hearts! You had best go get a mop and bucket ready as we can guarantee you will MELT watching this little fella!

A tiny French Bulldog puppy has made it to nap time and is super comfy snuggled up to his teddy bear on the bed. He doesn’t actually do much except lie there snoozing with all his bits on display but you can’t tear your eyes away from him. The slight whisker twitches, the legs paddling gently in the air, the trembling paws and his pink tummy just screaming to have raspberries blown on it – he’s got the lot when it comes to cuteness.

The snuffling sound he makes as he dreams of chasing rabbits is also adorable. This is a video that mesmerises and we found ourselves watching it over and over again – what a little squishy darling!


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