French Bulldog Invents New Exercise Craze


Get ready for the cutest 9 seconds you will see all day!

This adorably chubby French Bulldog seems to be establishing his own special brand of workout regime to trim his tummy down a little. Obviously, he wants to get the maximum amount of burn in the minimum amount of time possible so welcome to what we are sure will become commonly known as the “BULLSKID!”

Yes, this calorie burning, muscle toning exercise is new and unique to dogs. All you need is a lawn or grass playing field and a little rain. The rules are simple: you run as fast as you can, then throw yourself to the floor in an epic skid and watch the lbs fall off! At only 9 seconds per workout, your doggy could pack in, oooh… around 160 workouts a day, (minus time outs for snacks, of course!)

Go buddy, go – work those abs!

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