Rescued Dog Is So Happy See What He Does In His Sleep


Having a special close bond with a happy and healthy dog is one of the most amazing experiences a dog owner can have. This is often amplified when your loving companion has been rescued from dire conditions. The amount of love a rescued dogs gives when they settle into a loved and cared for environment is second to none. Their appreciation and love they give back is simply inspiring.

This is Frank a Dachsund mix whose adoption into a loving environment is one of those beautiful success stories.

He was adopted at 5 months old and sadly only weighed 6 pounds, was completely deaf due to an untreated ear infection and was fearful and afraid of shadows and glimmerings. Poor Frank was being fed the wrong diet, had no vaccinations and his only friend was a torn smelly old blanket. It really does break the heart.

How happy is frank now with his new forever family? Just have a look at what he does when he sleeps!

What a wonderful success story!