Fitness Training By A Waggy Tailed Workout Master

Dog Fitness Trainer

Australian Toy Shepherd dogs aren’t really known for their amazing levels of energy and fitness skills, but the one in this video is trying to change people’s attitudes!

He may be small, but he sure has attitude, showing his owner just how to do push ups right. Firstly, he very helpfully pats him on the head, providing motivation and support for this tricky task.

Next, he gets a little bit annoyed by the quality of the push ups, clambering up and grabbing on to his owner’s hair to let him know very clearly that HE’S DOING IT WRONG!

That issue all cleared up, the Australian Toy Shepherd decides to take more of a back seat in the training, lowering himself to the floor and counting the push ups one by one, offering tips on form from below and being the consummate workout partner.

He had us in fits of giggles by the end!


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