Dog vs Baby Crawling Race Fun


Ready, steady, GO! These hysterical Siberian Huskies are real copy cats in this video, watching a baby crawl through the kitchen and trying to catch him up. The baby gets a good head start but the two dogs are so funny as they smoosh themselves along the floor, crawling like the baby.

It’s clear they aren’t wanting to overtake the baby too soon, so that he can save face, so it’s like watching a game of ‘peep behind the curtain’ as they shuffle up then stay totally still, then shuffle on again. The baby is completely oblivious to all this and doesn’t seem to be making much progress, so in the end the dogs get a little impatient and race for the finish line! The dogs are utterly beautiful and look so cute as the squish themselves up to the kitchen cabinets in an effort to get past the toddler. It really is very sweet to watch!



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