Family Dog And Baby Play The Most Adorable Game Together


Who needs Dora the Explorer when you have a Sheltie to hand? This baby has found the best distraction ever in her pet dog, who seems to be taking his babysitting duties less than seriously.

Everybody likes an audience when they are being silly but this dog just laps it up as the baby creases up in hysterics at his zooming around the place. The Sheltie does the classic “I’m gunna run at you and stop just before I get to you moves!” and then there is a swift game of hide and seek under the coffee table before a game of chase and spin around.

We then get treated to a game of “Simon Says” as baby topples over and the Sheltie copies him and then baby gets a nice Sheltie kiss to thank him for his participation!

This is just a big old bag of adorable right here…

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