You Won’t Believe How Well Trained These Dogs Are


Imagine being served with a tempting ice cream sundae on the beach, a warm bowl of soup following a walk in the rain or a long glass of lemonade on a hot summer’s day and being told that you can’t have it until someone else says so. Hard work, huh?

Not for these dogs! When their person turns up at the door, it’s like having their own personal Pizza delivery and their wagging tails show how happy they are that its dinnertime.

But IS it dinnertime? Not quite! They are told to wait whilst the delivery guy lays out each bowl of scrummyness in turn.

You can see them watching his every move, waiting for the command to tuck in. With their heads bobbing every time a bowl is put on the floor, hoping it is their turn to eat, they patiently wait like VERY good boys and girls until they are told ‘OK!’, at which point, they excitedly get stuck in to their doggy take away.

The iron will of these dogs is so inspiring!


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