Doggy Photobooth Drives Doggy Adoptions!

Dog photo shoot

The Humane Society of Utah saves 10,000 animals a year. Yup, TEN THOUSAND. They recognised that the amount of dogs meant that often, individual stories were lost. They employed a dog photographer to create photographs that would attract potential owners.

The photographer captures amazing pictures of the dogs in calm surroundings, showing off the personalities that are behind the yapping, fearful dog people can see the first time in a kennel environment. Being able to see the essence of a dog prior to meeting it has helped drive adoption rates as potential adopters are able to see past an excited, scared dog’s behaviour to the real lovable, friendly hounds that they can be once they have calmed down a little.

The choice to invest in the photographer has been the right one – more dogs are being adopted than ever before. If you want to see more of the photographs that Guinnever Shuster takes, check them out on their website