Doggy Dancing team Is truly Awesome To Watch


We have to warn you on this one: It will make you gasp in surprise, laugh out loud and squeal ‘Awwww’ every few seconds. Emily and Henrietta are dance partners, and not the usual kind!

This bouncy, high energy few minutes of entertainment will give you a great big smile as you watch a dumpy little Dachshund do some amazing dance moves including spins, twirls and bum wiggles. She is also awesome at weaving in and out of legs, fetching hats and jumping through ‘leg hoops’ too!

This is canine freestyle at its very best and watching the dog’s little legs flail about as she jumps around is particularly satisfying! The clever dog knows all of the dance steps and keeps to the beat every step of the way. If you have never seen a reversing Dachshund before, now is the time to watch one – it’s mesmerising!



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