Doggy Alarm Clock Hilarity!

Dog Alarm Clock

OK – truth time. How many of you are woken up by your dog instead fo your ‘proper’ alarm clock each morning? We are guessing it’s quite a few of you as dogs just seem to be 100% in favour of providing a wakeup call service every day of the week (including weekends!)

The dogs in this video are no exception, paddling at duvet covers, jumping on beds, licking faces, clambering, digging and woofing and just generally being early rising nuisances! One dog even burrows into t-shirts whilst another Mummy gets woken by a whole pack of howling hounds!

Some of the owners look less than impressed with being cannonballed and licked with morning breath saturated doggy tongues, but it’s a small price to pay for being woken up with love every day, right?

These dogs are the most super fun alarm clock anyone could wish for. If only they had a ‘snooze’ button though….

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