Dog Training

Dog Training
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We have collated a plethora of articles on dog training and put them right here for you. This is your dog training advice hub, with guidance on everything from house-training to obedience and collar training to responding to a name.

No dog is born ‘ready-trained’. They don’t know the rules and conventions of living in a human world and have no idea what kind of behaviours are expected of them.

It’s up to you to teach them.  Responsibility is a blast, right?

If you train your dog right, it certainly can be! Your dog will become what you train him to be. Training isn’t a finite process that lasts a month or so when he is a puppy. It is a lifelong commitment to helping your furry buddy work out what is right and what is wrong. By making this commitment, you are investing not only in an easier life for the both of you, but also in a more intense and trusting relationship with your dog.

The articles that follow cover the strategies and techniques you will need to help you train your dog effectively. Follow the advice given and you stand a much higher chance of ending up with an obedient, respectful, well-behaved and loving dog.

NB: For advice on behaviour problems and training remedies to solve them, check out our dog behaviour category.

Dog Training – What Is It?

That may seem an obvious question, but there is actually more to it than ‘teaching your dog what to do’. In this section, we look at the what, how, why and when of training and the nitty gritty of fundamental training theory.

Dog Training Equipment

Dog training isn’t just about telling your dog what to do. You will need a range of tools and resources to ensure that both you and your dog get the most out of the training process.

These articles look at the different equipment available to help you help your dog. They also highlight the equipment that SHOULDN’T be used to train your dog, unless you want a furry family member that is terrified of you and is only doing what you want because they are fearful of pain being inflicted on them.

Puppy Training

Puppies are great. They are even greater if you train them well! Puppies are awesome at learning quickly, but their brains (and bodies) are still developing early on, so it’s important to do the right training, at the right time, for the right amount of time.

Puppy training is perhaps the most critical part of all dog training. After all, what they learn now will form the basis of their behaviour for years to come. Make sure that any bad habits get nipped in the bud now!


House Training

Nobody wants a house covered in accidental bodily excretions, now, do they? House training is absolutely critical for your dog. Teaching your dog to eliminate outside or in a designated area is the best way to save your soft furnishings and sanity and help your dog avoid issues when visiting other people’s environments!

This type of training is usually referred to as house or potty training. Just like training a toddler, the process can be a long one that requires patience. The following articles include everything you need to know about house training your dog.

Basic Obedience Training

Basic obedience is perhaps the most important type of training you can offer your dog. By learning how to respond to commands, your dog will not only be safer, but will also be a well-behaved buddy who is a joy to be around. The articles below give the low down on the essential commands you need to teach your dog.

Training Your Dog To Walk On A Lead

Dogs aren’t born with a collar and lead ready attached. It isn’t the most natural thing in the world for them. Dogs walk faster than us humans and love to explore as much as they can, so getting them to feel comfortable being restricted in this way take a little time and some effort.

Expect your dog to want to dash about and pull you along when they first experience a collar and lead! Training your dog to walk sensibly on a lead isn’t the easiest training programme to complete, but is TOTALLY worth the effort, making walks easier and safer for you, your dog and other people. Check out our how to guides below about lead training your dog.

Ian Dunbar: Dog-Friendly Dog Training

This is a video of respected trainer and animal behavior specialist Dr Ian Dunbar is a respected dog trainer and animal behaviourist. He gives advice and guidance on a lot of dog training aspects, all with a focus on providing a positive experience for both you and your dog.

In the video below, Ian discusses how our dogs see the world, and how we should try to empathise with this. By doing so, we strengthen the bond we have with our pooch. That bond, in turn, helps along the training process, making it more enjoyable and much easier for both dog and owner.

Victoria Stillwell – Positive Reinforcement

Victoria Stillwell is a well respected dog trainer across the globe. She is a main proponent of positive reinforcement training techniques. Her view (and a lot of other dog trainers) is that you will get better results from your dog if you treat them with respect and kindness when training them, rather than ruling by fear.

Whilst other trainers think that acting as an alpha dog in a pack, or using electric or prong collars, get your dog to learn new tricks quickly, they fail to highlight the devastating effect these methods can have on both your dog’s emotional wellbeing and the relationship between you.

Teaching a dog that when he does something good, he will be rewarded, instead of teaching him that doing something bad equals a punishment is the name of the game.

Think about it. Which would you be more likely to try again and again? Sitting down and getting given a treat or sitting down and getting poked and prodded and told off?

No brainer, right?

Victoria’s training techniques are a great way of making all training processes fun whilst still delivering results. You can check out her ways of working here.

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