Family Take Toddler Out Sledging. Then This Happened!

Dog Sledging

Sometimes it only takes sixteen seconds for a video to have you spitting out soda and laughing so hard your tummy hurts. In this video we see a little toddler playing with a rubber ring in the snow. So far, so cute right?

Well, things are about to get chucklesome. You get a hint of what is to come when the little girl looks off camera and a look that says “Wait, whut?” slowly dawns on her face.

Cue next frame: A Labrador who obviously hasn’t worked out how to walk properly on snow yet takes transport into his own hands by… you know what, explaining his groovy moves will be too difficult – watch for yourself and then tell us you didn’t laugh at the silly mutt! We think we may have found a new winter sport anyway: dog boarding!

The little girl’s face is an absolute picture at the end, having been ‘videobombed’ by the daft hound!