Dog tales Rescue – A New Kind Of Animal Shelter

Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary

Dog Tales Rescue is not your everyday dog shelter and rescue. It’s a one of a kind not for profit organisation that really tries to make a dog’s time in a shelter a positive one.

Set in beautiful countryside, the owners have developed a dream sanctuary for neglected, abused and abandoned dogs, building a state of the art shelter with 82 runs, a socialisation room, staff cafeteria and giant dog park. They even encourage dog owners to visit so that their furry friends can socialise and play with puppies waiting to be adopted.

Dog Tales aims to create a home before a forever home, setting out the environment like a family house and ensuring interaction and care from its team of volunteers, of which there are many. In fact, there is a waiting list of 300 people wanting to work with Dog Tales. A great idea and a great story.