Dog Sniffs Her Way To Hospital To Be With Her Owner


The bond between a dog and its owner is often too strong to ever be broken, and for Sissy, a two mile trek was no obstacle to her making sure she could be with her Mom.

Nancy Franck was in Mercy Hospital in Iowa recovering from surgery. Downstairs, surveillance cameras picked up a very furry visitor. The hospital security guard approached a little dog who was sniffing her way around the lobby and realised that the dog had walked nearly two miles over fifteen blocks to get to the hospital. Further investigation showed that the dog was looking for someone in particular!

Yep, you guessed it, Sissy was looking for her Mom, Nancy. No way was she just going to sit at home whilst her Mom recovered, no sirree! Sissy had sniffed her way to the hospital to say “hi”. The smart little dog amazed staff and patients alike with her nose based detective skills and touched the heart of many who saw first-hand just how much our dogs love us. What a lovely story!

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