Dog Home Alone Breaks Rules And Loves It


Do you ever wonder what happens when you go out and leave the dog at home?

The dog isn’t allowed on the bed when her owner is home so she set up a camera to watch her and see if she is a well behaved dog.

We watch as she goes out, then see the dog meander around a little and sniff the bed (with resident cat). Then, she hops straight up – taking less than 40 seconds to get up to no good! She has a good snuffle around and then pauses before TOTALLY FREAKING OUT!

This funny dog has the time of her life rolling around and flailing about on her new best bed whilst the cat looks imperiously on. At one point, she hears a noise and thinks her owner is coming back and stops dead in her tracks but then realises it is a false alarm and continues having fun!

She’s so funny when she appears to get the guilts for a moment and looks at the front door, but then the pull of the bed blanket is too strong and she goes crazy again! All of a sudden, she decides she has had enough and shakes it all out – naughty dog!