Dog Gets Told Off By His Wife For The Funniest Thing


The Barkly dog family are out driving in the Subaru Concord with the kids in the back and mum and dad up front. They come to a stop at a T-Junction where Daddy dog’s head is turned by a beautifully primped and preened fluffy white poodle who prances across the road in slow motion, showing off her beautifully formed fur topiary.

Whilst the kids in the back are nonplussed, Mummy dog isn’t as impressed by this showing off and decides to let Daddy dog know he is ‘in the dog house’ with a beautifully controlled growl, dripping with a warning to CUT IT OUT!

This video cracked us up – the sad look in Daddy dog’s eyes as he realises he has been caught in the act is hilarious, as is knowing he’s in a WHOLE lotta trouble when they get back to the family kennel!


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