Dog Café Opens To Help Rehome Doggies!

Dog Cafe LA

Now THIS is an ace idea. Los Angeles is getting ready for its first ever dog café. No, it isn’t selling Puppachinos or Canine Coffees, it’s more about getting dogs ready to be adopted used to people and noise and fuss before they find their forever homes. People can also go along and adopt a dog right there at the café! Talk about a new kind of take out!

These lucky doggies get to go to the pet friendly café to be petted and cuddled by patrons enjoying their afternoon tea or morning cuppa. The café is the brainchild of Sarah who originally rescued dogs in Korea before moving to LA. It will provide adoption services for dogs with nowhere to go, including orientation, training and socialisation. What a fabulous and innovative way of encouraging adoption!

Learn more about this great project at the The Dog Cafe LA and feel free to pop in and play when next in LA!

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