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English Bulldog

English Bulldog
Image via Vivian Chen

Let’s face it, the English Bulldog is never going to win a beauty contest. Despite not having supermodel looks, this breed has numerous distinct features that means nobody will ever mistake it for another: the doleful eyes, wrinkly face, under bite and snub nose all add up to a bundle of sturdy cuteness.

A chilled out, some would say….lazy, demeanour means that English Bulldogs are pretty easy to look after and make an all-round great family dog or companion for older or less active owners.

Quick Facts

  • Avg Weight: 49 – 55lbs
  • Avg Height: 12 – 16 inches at the shoulder
  • Avg Lifespan: 8 – 12 years
  • Apartment living: Yes
  • Level of exercise: Moderate

Trademark traits

  • Extremely amiable and sociable
  • Stubborn and tenacious when they want something
  • Big snorers and dribblers!
  • Mellow and laid back
  • A bit lazy – prefers a nap to a yomp through the woods

Breed Temperament:

The English Bulldog loves nothing more than affection and love from his pack and is a devoted people puppy.

Extremely sociable with humans, they can sometimes display dog aggression if not socialised properly at a young age.

They are quiet dogs who rarely bark or whine so are perfect for living in apartments.

A courageous guard dog who is stubborn in protecting the family, this dog is a perfect family pet – as happy playing with the kids as snoozing on the sofa for the afternoon.

Suitable environment:

English Bulldogs can get quite stressed out by change so are suited to a fairly calm environment with a distinct routine.

Their moderate activity level and love of naps and lounging around mean that this breed is ok with both house and apartment living.

Bulldogs are prone to overheating so if you live in a desert this breed isn’t for you. A temperate climate suits them best.

They are also not the most fragrant of dogs, which may be something to consider in small, enclosed spaces.

Ideal Owners:

The English Bulldog isn’t a breed for novices, despite their easy to manage temperament. They need daily grooming around the face to stop sores and infections and their stubbornness can make them difficult to train as a puppy.

Owners with upper arm strength would be well suited to the English Bulldog as they like to go crazy running at the beginning of a walk and then expect a carry back home when they get worn out!

Breed Appearance

Wrinkly and with a face full of folds, the English Bulldog has a distinctive pushed in nose and droopy skin around its neck.

They sometimes have an under bite to go with their pointed teeth and their flat, short coat comes in an array of colours including white, brindle, red, fawn and piebald.

Little powerhouses with a lot of strength, English Bulldogs are compact, short and muscular and have a rolling gait.

Breed History

English Bulldogs had a bit of a rough start as a breed, originally being utilised by butchers in the Middle Ages to bait bulls ready for slaughter.

Since those bad old days, the English Bulldog has developed a reputation not only as a courageous and powerful dog but also as an amiable and friendly breed that is utterly loyal to its owners.

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