Dog Attends Church Every Day To Remember His Owner

Italian Dog Church

Tommy the seven-year-old German Shepherd faced what so many of us never want to: the loss of a loved one. In his case, it was his beloved adoptive mother Maria. Tommy would go everywhere with Maria, including to the store and to church. On the day of Maria’s funeral, Tommy showed up at the church all by himself.

Tommy’s loyalty is shown every single day in the most adorable of ways. Every day when the bells for mass ring, Tommy goes to church. The churchgoers adore him and between them all, give him shelter, food and love. He has been adopted by the whole town who are entranced by this little dog’s love for his Mama. Tommy is showing everyone just what loyalty, friendship and love looks like and it is a bittersweet reminder of the incredible bond between dogs and their owners. Hug your dog tonight. They love you more than the world.