Dog Attacked With A Knife Which Left A Gaping Wound Is Rescued At Last


It’s a fact of life that sometimes bad things happen. For ‘Jumpy’ the dog, he had something AWFUL happen to him – but he didn’t let it stand in the way of being an AWESOME dog.

The poor pooch was savagely attacked by a very angry man, who decided that stabbing a defenceless dog and leaving a gaping wound on its neck was appropriate behaviour.

The I Love Dogs Club Rescue Team received a call from a concerned witness who had seen the attack at a local school on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand. The dog needed urgent help as he was losing a lot of blood from the horrific open wound on his neck.

Jumpy was not in good condition when the rescue team found him. In fact, things really didn’t look bright at all for the beautiful injured dog.


The wound was infested with maggots, having been left open to the elements for some days before the good Samaritan called The I Love Dogs Club Rescue team.

Jumpy’s story just kept getting worse.

In the hot humid climate of Thailand, the wound had become infected and had started to smell extremely badly. Jumpy’s rescuers were told that because of this, the parents of the school children had been throwing rocks at the seriously injured dog to keep him away.

Can you imagine what was going through Jumpy’s head?


Thankfully, Jumpy’s horrific nightmare was coming to an end thanks to the hard work of both The I Love Dogs Club Rescue team and a local dog sanctuary, the One World Sanctuary.

The One World Sanctuary offered Jumpy a safe haven in a hostile environment. They do amazing work all across Koh Samui, tirelessly working to give over 100 dogs a second chance at a good life after being abandoned, abused and neglected. These dogs would die without their amazing work.


After several weeks of close care and attention, including the removal of hundreds of maggots and thorough cleaning and treatment of the wound, Jumpy’s injury is well on the way to being completely healed. His ordeal is finally nearing its end.


Despite his experiences at the hands of humans, Jumpy is still utterly affectionate and gentle around his two-legged friends. He is a happy and boisterous dog, always finding the joy in everything he does with both his doggy and human pals. He is an example of how amazing dogs are. If only humans would follow his lead and be kind to the living beings around them.

How You Can Help?

Jumpy in is desperate need of donations to ensure his ongoing care needs can be met. Please consider donating to the One World Sanctuary to help Jumpy, and dogs just like him, here:

You can find out more about Jumpy and the amazing work One World Sanctuary does at their website and Facebook page. You will be amazed by the fantastic work they do.

Please, please share this inspiring dog rescue story with your friends and family and help One World Sanctuary continue their fabulous work.



One World Sanctuary who saved the Jumpy in this story
is in desperate need of help.