Dog And Owner Reunited In Heart Warming Fashion


This video shows what amazing things animal charities and shelters do for dogs and their owners across the planet.

The Knox Whitley Animal Shelter brought joy into the world of James Wathen, the owner of Bubba the dog. James was ill in hospital and was reunited with his adorable companion by the shelter and the results are truly heart-warming to watch. Bubba is over the moon to be back with his owner and goes straight in with lots of licks to show his happiness. The cheeky Chihuahua has great fun clambering all over James and his hospital bed whilst hugging and kissing away.

His little tail wags so much it looks like he will take off like a sycamore seed and James is overcome with emotion at seeing his beloved pet again. Please feel free to donate at and support the Knox Whitley Animal Shelter in their amazing work.



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