Disabled Dog Can Finally Run And It’s Just So Cute


Say hello to Daisy! This adorable dog had a real bad start in life. She was found wandering the streets by an animal control officer and was only hours away from being euthanised. Luckily, a local rescue shelter whisked her off to their centre, where she was very swiftly adopted by a loving forever family.

Daisy had a few problems. One of the issues was a pronounced underbite, but this ‘problem’ soon became a positive as her goofy look soon made her a star on Instagram where people loved seeing the little pooch grin away. A more serious issue was that Daisy had a deformed leg, meaning that to get around she had to hop everywhere.

Daisy’s new family hated to see her struggle when moving around, so they decided to find a solution. They bought Daisy a wheelchair, which worked OK at first and allows Daisy to take walks outside. After a little while, it became apparent that the chair was affecting Daisy’s spine so they thought up a new answer to the problem.

Prosthetic limbs!

Daisy couldn’t be happier with her new legs as they let her run around just like other dogs. Don’t believe how happy her legs make her? Take a look at the video below and just watch the look of pure joy on beautiful Daisy’s face!

And she couldn’t be happier! She loves it so much because she can finally run like other dogs do! Daisy had a few issues at first and couldn’t move that quickly, but practise has made perfect and Daisy pelts around at speed now.

See more of Daisy on her website, her Facebook Page, and her Instagram account. Daisy also has a YouTube Channel where you can see more of her exploits!

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