Deaf And Vision Impaired Dog Saved From Being Shot By Her Breeder


Keller is a beautiful dog; playful, affectionate and smart. Unfortunately, this Australian Shepherd is deaf and vision impaired. Why? Because an irresponsible owner bred her merle parents together. Merle to merle breeding often causes a number of impairments and disabilities. Puppy mills and breeders looking for a fast buck don’t care about this though, so a lot of dogs are born with 100% preventable disabilities. Keller was rescued after her owner threatened to SHOOT her.

Watching Keller play with her buddy and have fun bouncing around the garden makes you realise that dogs with special needs can have every bit of a happy life as a dog without impairments. Keller’s Cause is hoping that you will share Keller’s story to show not only what wonderful companions dogs with disabilities can be, but also to raise awareness of the irresponsible practice of merle to merle breeding. Please share Keller’s story and save another dog from facing a similar set of circumstances.