Dalmatian Puppies Slowly Destroy Their House & It’s Super Cute

Dalmatian Puppies

Francie and Madison, the five week old Dalmatian puppies, are learning how to be a dog. It’s just, they aren’t very good at it… They seem to only be picking up the rules of being a dog when it comes to chewing toys, scratching at doors and fighting each other!

Their brother Woodrow is a much calmer dog, lazing sweetly on his bed and wishing for a bit of peace and quiet – unfortunately, one of his sisters has found a squeaky toy to chew on. Poor Woodrow’s look of despair says it all… He decides to go upstairs to find a more silent spot but the poor little fella hasn’t quite got long enough legs to do so!

Watching these cute little critters explore (and destroy) their new world is just mesmerising and will put a smile on your face that just won’t go away. This is cute puppy one oh one!

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