Cutest Pomeranian and his EPIC Sneeze


Roux the Pomeranian is a pure white bundle of fluff, beautifully groomed and elegant to the extreme. As a result, he needs to be careful when it comes to expelling bodily fluids. No one wants to see a Pomeranian covered in boogers, right?

Roux has developed a very precise and clever way of sneezing to avoid snot sprinkles all over his amazing white coat. First, he adopts a sturdy stance, to stop any erroneous toppling over. Next, the head wag, where he looks from place to place to identify obstacles and establish the best way of getting his sneeze particles well away.  Finally, the sneeze. And what an epic sneeze it is! He really puts some welly into it and give sit all he’s got.

Oddly, there isn’t a regular sneezing sound, like your bog standard “Atishoo!”,more a cross between a washing machine on a spin cycle and plunging your hand into a bowl ofwibblywobbly jelly. Extremely strange indeed!

The method works though, and Roux is free to live another day of booger freedoggydom!

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