Cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Gets Some R & R With A Puppy Massage


If you are feeling a little low today, we can guarantee we have something here that will cheer you up.

Being a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy is extremely hard work, what with having to be cute and adorable 24 hours a day. Sometimes, you need to just kick back and relax, as this sweet little bundle of oh-my-gosh-isn’t-he-loveliness shows us here. The lucky pup is getting a puppy massage and looks to really be enjoying himself.

The massage therapist slowly rubs and squeezes his legs, arms, ears and tummy and lets him zen out completely. It’s mesmerising just watching him totally let loose and enjoy the attention, especially when the therapist hits a sweet spot and his tiny little legs go bananas twitching away!

This is one that will have you watching again and again… not least because it is utterly calming for humans to watch doggy massages!

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