Cute Bulldog dreaming will make you want to hug everything near you!


Chloe the Bulldog has had a long day and is zonked out on the couch in most relaxed position. She almost looks like she has melted into the sofa where her wrinkles have all gathered at her back! Her Mom then comes and calls her name and then something very funny happens: Chloe starts to dream! First, she is a weightlifter, raising her arms and legs to bench press an imaginary heavy thing! Then, she appears to go into Zen meditation mode, crossing her ankles and raising her hands to the sun, doing her own version of an ‘upwards’ dog yoga move, complete with deep breathing exercises!

Chloe is an absolute cutie with her beautiful colourings a d wrinkled little bulldog face. The best bit of this video? Watching Chloe’s podgy little tummy remain podgy and adorable throughout every dream she has!

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