Cute Border Collie Puppies Try Herding Chickens With Hilarious Results


This video comes with a viewer discretion warning and quite rightly so, because the cute levels are almost off the scale!

Rain the Border Collie is taking his two 6 week old cute Border Collie puppies to their first job interview. The task? To herd up some chickens. (Hey, everyone has to practise, right?)

Shep wants to show off in front of Dad so fearlessly throws himself into the fray, only to be clucked at and mocked by chickens who are spectacularly unimpressed with his technique. Poor old Shep is very funny as he hides under a bucket in embarrassment. His brother Fly is undeterred and tries a different method, managing to get the chickens in one corner before they realise he is too little to actually do them harm and flap away. Poor old Fly, he too is mortified at his performance in front of Dad, and also squeezes himself under the bucket!

Lulu the lamb comes out at this point, looking for new buddies – watch to the end to see if she is a better sheepdog than Fly and Shep!

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