Crooning German Shepherd Shows Pop Stars How It Should Be Done


Shelby the German Shepherd could be the next winner of The Voice or X Factor!

This adorable canine loves to sing along to Maroon 5’s song ‘Animals’. She starts off doing the normal ‘distracto dog’ pose of a pup in a car, paying attention to the streets and buildings as they drive along. As soon as the lyrical howling starts in the tune, her ears prick up and Shelby joins in with gusto from the back of the car, crooning away (and, let’s be honest, giving Adam Levine a run for his money in the vocal stakes!)

Shelby is a beautiful dog and has all the makings of a star. In fact, we think you should keep your eye out for a greatest hits album, perhaps with some covers of ‘How Much is that Doggy in the Window?’ and ‘Hound Dog’. This is one diva who will make you laugh and sing along all at once!


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