Corgi Pool Party FTW!


Want to see the laziest way to exercise your dog during a long hot summer? Just kidding, but in theory….

Here is a simple three step plan to keep a Corgi happy.

1. Get a kiddy sized paddling pool.

2. Turn on the hose, set to ‘shower’, and start hosing.

3. Allow your corgi to run back and forth, jumping into the slowly filling with water paddling pool. Job’s a goodun, as they say in the UK (where the likelihood of ever getting a paddling pool out in the sunshine is virtually zero per cent).

This adorable Corgi shows us humans that it is the simple things in life that can make you bark with joy! He has his own mini pool part as he bounces around, trying to catch the hose shower in his mouth and failing miserably. THIS is a great idea for combining exercise with keeping cool on a hot day – clever dog!

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