Corgi Bubble Butt Dance Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Corgi Bubble Butt Dance
Corgi Bubble Butt Dance

Labradors and Toilet Roll, St Bernards and 1st Aid Kits and German Shepherds with Policemen.

You often make immediate associations when you see certain dog breeds, but…Corgis and TWERKING?!?! Get ready for the new dance craze… The Corgi Bubble Butt Dance! Everyone is doing it nowadays so make sure you watch this video to learn the moves.

Firstly, turn on the song ‘Bubble Butt’ full blast. Next, do what the Corgi does and glance coquettishly over your shoulder when the lyric ‘turn around’ comes on.

Then, basically, SHAKE THAT THANG!