Corgi Belly Flop Will Have You In Stitches


It’s Cooper the Corgi’s first swim at Lake Shushwa in Canada. He is all kitted out in his life jacket and is ready for his first dive into the sea. Luckily, he has his black Labrador Retriever buddy there to show him how it is done first, showing off with a perfect dive off of the end of the jetty.

Cooper takes a run up then skids to a halt when he realises the pier falls away to nothing! His owner encourages him to take a second try and Cooper gracefully leaps from the jetty ….only to land in a giant belly flop a second after. It’s so funny!

A brave little dog, the Corgi keeps practising, just barely clearing the jetty every time he jumps. The video switches to slow motion so you can see Cooper’s ‘form’ as he jumps, splashes flat on his tummy and then tries to keep his head above water chasing after his tennis ball.

After a few more ‘elegant’ dives, Cooper needs a break so his owner comes in the water to help him out. What Cooper does next will make you cross your toes in delight and laugh until tears run down your face – we did!

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