Clever Rescue Dog Saves A Babies Life


Duke was rescued from a shelter 6 years ago and came home to a super loving family, who tell him he was ‘born in Mommy’s heart’. That in itself is a feel good story, but what Duke did next will totally amaze you.

One night, Duke’s owners were awoken by him jumping on their bed and shaking uncontrollably. As Duke is a very well behaved boy usually, they knew something was up.

They went to check on their 9 week old daughter, Harper, only to find that she wasn’t breathing. Thankfully, they were able to swiftly alert an ambulance and Harper is a happy and healthy little girl now – all thanks to Duke raising the alarm. What a wonderful dog!

Duke’s Mom is obviously super grateful to him and goes on to say that she hopes the story will encourage people to adopt rescue dogs. We couldn’t agree more.



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