Clever Dog Retrieves Ball From Pool In The Most Ingenious Way


Jessers McGhee is one smart cookie! This Cocker Spaniel is a beautiful black doggy version of Indiana Jones in the making. He sees his tennis ball in the middle of the pool, but doesn’t fancy getting his ears wet. What’s a dog to do?

Well, if you are as smart as Jessers you will use whatever resources come to hand. In this instance, there is a handy rubber ring a perfect Jessers size, ideal for sailing towards a ball! Jessers hops aboard and steers it straight towards his ball and ALMOST gets it!

Unfortunately the pesky ball is a bit more buoyant than first expected and escapes Jesser’s clutches. The clever dog is unphased though, and puts in some strong swimming skills to chase after it as it bobs away and eventually Jessers captures his treasure! Good job Jessers!

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