Clever Dog Knows How To Turn The Barking Volume Up And Down!


This may be one of the shortest videos we have shared with you all but it is up there with the funniest! This beautiful chap has learned how to install his own volume control when it comes to barking! He patiently awaits his commands like a good little doggy and then his owner tells him to speak and boy does he speak, giving her a very loud BARK!

His owner then tells him to whisper and what happens next is hysterical. He gives the quietest little woof. To prove it isn’t just a fluke he gets asked to whisper again and there it is! A titch little ‘ruff’ that wouldn’t even ruffle a feather floating in the air. What an obedient, clever and gentle dog he is. Now, if only we could teach some humans to behave in the same way!