Child Doctor And Very Patient Dog Patient!


You know how it is. You feel a bit under the weather and notice a scratch on your nose and you go to the doctor to find out what is wrong. In this video, our starring dog decides to sidestep the vet and visit his very own in house clinic, run by an extremely adorable little girl.

The ‘Doctor’ starts out by giving our canine friend a shot of some painkillers in his foot, and then checks out his ears to see if she can spot any inflammation. The patient sits there calm and still, even when his ears are being poked about with plastic.

The Doc isn’t sure of her diagnosis as yet, so whips out her trusty stethoscope to listen to the doggy patient’s heart. Only trouble is, plastic stethoscopes aren’t that great at picking up heartbeats, so it’s a lot of guesswork. Apparently, this pooch has a heart in his neck…

That does the trick and the diagnosis is ready. It looks like the dog has a bad case of ‘Bahhh Gahhh Daahhh!’



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